Providing Retail Intelligence

Retailers need to be smarter to survive
You need real-time information at your fingertips
Information that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
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What is Xena?

A retail management software application that links with your accounting
system to provide you with Retail Intelligence. The core modules include an
easy to use Point of Sale interface, a Back Office system with comprehensive
stock control and a Retail Intelligence module with dashboards and reports.

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News Flash - New Developments!

- A4 receipt/invoicing for a Trade shop that does not require a cash drawer

- Purchase ordering enhancement

  A screen to lookup purchases both current and closed. A purchase ordering screen that doesn’t suggest but allows Buyer to create a purchase order by choosing supplier and then entering goods and quantities. They can store and recall before committing from the one screen.

- Kit Setting

A bunch of inventory items get sold under one product code ,the stock is reduced on all the components rather than on the kit item when it is sold. When the kit is transferred from one store to another it is reduced on all the components in the “from store” and increased in the “to store” on all the same components.

 - Global receipt lookup/transaction reporting from back office.

Managers don’t need to change the default store location to a particular store to search all receipts. Transaction listings etc can be run for any store in the same way from the transaction listing screen. Summaries have been added to the transaction listing screen to sum on sale types and on tender types.

Starting from $300 per month:

Where this type of software is usually available only to large
scale retail chains, Xena now offers this to single and multi store
chains at an affordable price

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