Xena Back Office can be accessed from any terminal in your network through the use of User Assigned permission rights. 

Whether you are in your office or out in the field you can view every piece of information from any terminal. With Xena’s unique ability to send data from anywhere within your organisation, you can view reports, generate purchase orders, manage staff, control promotions and pricing as well as every other head office function normally limited only to certain terminals. 

Throughout the day Xena systematically sends data between terminals for up-to-the minute reporting, as well as providing you with the ability to instantly manage inventory, pricing, debtors and laybys. 

Back Office is controlled through user rights meaning your staff only sees what you want them to see. Be it cost prices, sales information right through to generation of transfers, purchase orders, stocktakes, signage and ticketing or use of the Xena Cashbook for financial accountability.

Some of the main options are;



  • Inventory Control (including images, details, pricing, access, transactional history)

    Leave no stone unturned with full and precise control over your stock

  • 10 groupings sets allowing for grouping of products by different attributes

    Once established, any standard setting can be applied to the group as a whole with one mouse click

  • Promotional management

    Have everything for your sale planned and ready to run. You can even schedule it to start automatically.

  • User/Staff registrations and access management

    Control access to your software and company financial information, Give as little or as much as necessary.

  • Import and export of multiple inventory and sales records to PDF / excel / print.

    Create sales reports in an instant, information at your fingertips.

  • Ticketing Signage

    Plaster your walls with posters and have every stock ticket in place and accurate.

  • Internal transfers

    Move stock around between your stores, cut down on re-ordering.

  • Purchase orders (generation and receivable)

    Always know when and where to order along with who you're ordering from.

  • Cashbook

    Useful if you do not use any accounting software.

  • + Much more...





The Xena system has a comprehensive inventory search allowing for anyone using the system to find a particular item quickly and easily. There are many search parameters that can be used as well as eight categories to refine the search.


Stock take is every retailers nightmare, from deciding if its best to close the store and do a full stock take to the sheer time it takes to run one of them.

Xena helps with this in the form of PDA stock takes. This allows you to run through a stock take with ease and can even be done while the store is open and selling.

Take the pain out of your Stock Takes with Xena

There are other uses for the PDA that make this a invaluable addition to your store. Scan a price and tell at a glance if the ticket is showing correctly, also you can have staff in larger stores scan items for customers saves on having to make a trip to the counter.

With the PDA in hand receipting stock is reduced to a simple scan, imput the quantity and your done, this no fuss approach will get you through your stock orders in no time.


All retail systems need robust processes in place to bring in goods to sell. Like all Xena systems creating a Purchase Order is handled efficiently.


The Payments system details how payments can be made against either Account or Lay-by sales within the Xena system.

There is also another method for making Account Payments from the Back Office area of the software.


Unlike most retail software with very basic ticketing systems, Xena outshines them all with comprehensive array of ticketing options from simple shelf labels to full A3 posters and beyond. You are only limited by the printer that is in use.

As well as the standard interface detailed above the ticketing system also works directly from the receipting of Purchase Orders as part of the final step you can print out the labels you need when you bring in the goods.

It really could not be any easier.


This tool gives the retailer the ability to compare advertised products with the same product on a non-advertised week. The benefit of this is it can be seen at a glance if the advertising is working or not.

Also of note is the ability to look at historical data in the same way, go back 12 months to see an old advertising period and if a product did not sell then there is no point advertising it in the new period.


This reporting tool is a integral part of our Retail Intelligence system. It allows the retailer to generate a report that gives them their best selling items by a number of factors and filters such as GP% (Gross Profit), Units Sold, Where they were sold and many others.

With this information in hand it is easy to create a advertising campaign targetting these products and it will also greatly help with any stocking decisions to be made.





  • Automatically generates/suggests orders from nominated Distribution Center to each store based on store sales/stock on hand.

  • User can choose how many days stock it should send to each store based on each stores recent sales activity.

  • Can filter products based on product groupings such as Supplier, Brand, Department etc.

  • Can select/deselect stores to distribute to

  • System will only display products and quantity available from Distribution Center for allocation.

  • When distributions are 'processed' the system does the following:
    • Generates transfer in the system ready for receipting store to view and use to receipt the stock once the goods have been physically received.

    • Deducts quantity available at the Distribution Center to accurately reflect quantity available for further distribution.

    • Generates EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) file ready for sending to Distribution Center.