itbs IPOS-Q5C

This series utilizes a durable plastic and metal contstruction method with a metal casing and plastic surrounds to provide good looks and strength.

The industrial-grade design of the system lends itself well to a fan or fanless system depending on needs and placement and the option to mount it on either the counter or a wall provide robust placement choices for the units.

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  • 15" All-in-one Touch POS Terminal

  • Front-Panel and housing system using industrial grade durable and heat resistant materials

  • Dual Core CPU Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz Processor, Chipset Intel NM10 Express

  • Ram DDR3 up to 4GB

  • Serial Ports 2x RS232 up to 6x RS232

  • Hard Disk 1x 2.5" Sata2 HDD

  • Lan Port 1 x10/100/1000 Gigabit up to 2x Lan

  • Optional - Mini PCI-e 802.11 b/g/n Wireless and Bluetooth

  • Touch Panel Technology

  • Resistive / Capacitance / Surface Acoustic Wave Type

  • Power Type AC 100~140V / DC 12V Adapter hidden in the base

  • Optional - Support for POS Card Reader / POS VFD Customer Display / Second display

  • Designed for counter or wall mountable






Benefits of a Touch Screen



Ease of Use

Having a set of clearly defined menus help to eliminate user error. The touch screen limits the number of options that can be accessed on the screen and therefore provides step-by-step sequences to guide the user through the processes. When applied to the inventory in Xena Retail 3.0 where it is possible to have large databases which need to be accessed quickly and easily, the touch screen makes it a simple process.

Space Saving

Because we are only dealing with one item, that being the touch screen, there is no need to allow space for a keyboard or a mouse. In some cases it might be possible to build the touch screen into the counter making it even more space effective. Less equipment also means less to service, replace or clean.

Fast Access

It takes time to grab a mouse and align the cursor on the screen, then you might have to move to the keyboard if you need to enter text, with good designed software and a touch screen this is eliminated completely. Service your customers quickly and efficiently without input devices getting in the way.

Save Money

The intuitive flow of a touch screen means that the training requirements for staff are drastically reduced. As well as learning faster you will find your staff to be faster with the processes and there will be less chance of mistakes with the input accuracy rate also rising.

Everyone is an Expert

Reaching and touching are instinctive gestures and people that might have an aversion to the keyboard and mouse tend to accept a touch screen a lot easier. As everyone knows how to touch and the interface necessitates a simple flowing process it is hard to go wrong putting even the most novice computer user at ease.

Easy Clean and Durable

The screens are made of a toughened glass or glass-like material making them extremely easy to clean and in situations that might damage a keyboard or a mouse they tend to retain their peak performance efficiency.