Xena Systems offers everything you would expect to see in comprehensive Point of Sale software. While the computer processes in the background that run this are very complicated, we have gone to great pains to make sure the interface you use is very easy to learn and simple to use on a day to day basis.

Some of the features offered are;

  • Barcode, PLU and description lookup

    Use a multitude of methods for finding stock items within the system
  • Park and recall

    Put aside a sale and easily return to it later
  • Lay-by and account sales

    The ability to process any type of lay-by or account sale with ease
  • Receipt and transaction lookup

    Easily locate the sales paperwork when it is needed
  •  Store and company stock level lookup

     Find the stock you have in store as well as company wide
  •  Automatic promotional and discounted pricing

     Set up the promotion and the pricing flows through to all selected stock, works for discounts 
  •  Gift card, voucher sales and redemption

     Lots of sales options at your finger tips
  •  Associated product and up-sell prompts

     Never miss an opportunity to upsell with on screen pop-up prompting




The Xena Cash Sale system shows the way a straight-forward cash sale is accomplished within the software. Also under the cash umbrella is the ability to process EFTPOS and Credit Card payments with ease.

This robust process is quick and easy to use so training new staff is not a chore.



Like all systems in Xena it is very easy to make an account sale. Not all retailers need an account sale system, especially smaller ones that deal with individuals and not companies however it is great to know that it’s there for use once the inevitable expansions occur due to your spending less time understanding your software and more time running your business.



Lay-bys have been a mainstay of the shopping experience for a long time now and while they might not be around forever, they will not be removed anytime soon. As a result all retail software needs to incorporate a lay-by system and Xena is no exception to this.

The lay-by uses the same interface as the account sale just replacing the options with those more suited to a lay-by.



The Payments system details how payments can be made against either Account or Lay-by sales within the Xena system.

There is also another method for making Account Payments from the Back Office area of the software.