Retail Intelligence is the term we use to bring together and define Xena aspects that are scattered throughout the software but form the core of our Retail Intelligence. Highly specialised reporting along with the way Xena holds the information in the data base and a myriad of other little things combine to create a system with a sole purpose that flows through everything the software is designed to do.

If retailing is to survive tough economic conditions, retailers need to be smarter to improve margins and profitability. Knowing which product line is doing better than others, knowing just the right time to re-order stock, and knowing which sale really works, is where Xena can help. Having real-time business information at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime is what we call 'Retail Intelligence'. This type of information makes a difference, ana we at Xena want to share our retail management knowledge with you

The secret that some retailers know and that others are quickly learning is in order to run your business rather than your business running you, to get maximum profitability from your sales you need Xena

This page is dedicated to walking you through our vision of Retail Intelligence and showing you what this system can do for your business while surprising you at how little time and energy it will take

Stock Numbers Updated

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It all starts with a sale; from there the system will update the stock numbers. This information is necessary for the system to manage stock correctly because it all hinges on stock availability and what has been sold.

It is important for the system to maintain the stock quantities to insure that stock is as accurate as possible and can easily correct errors using tools such as the Negative Stock Report and the Stock Taking systems.This allows the automatic ordering and transfers to function properly and insures you have stock on the shelves that your customers are wanting to buy. Thus, you maximise your profit.

New Feature

In line with our Retail Intelligence design, a new feature has been added to the software. The Auto Distribution feature will enable retailers to move stock around between their stores quickly and efficiently. 

Sales Analysis

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The stock numbers flow through to almost every part of the software, however we are only interested here in the effects on Retail Intelligence. The Sales Analysis Report gives us a high-level view of the sales in a particular period, both the quantity and the profit is included.

Best Earners

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Now we see one of the low-level reports that are of interest to this process. This one is the Best Earners Report and it shows over a particular period of time what the best performing items were from a profit perspective. As you can see we are already hitting the core of our Retail Intelligence system.

Negative Stock

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The second of the low-level reports is the Negative Stock report. The main purpose of this within Retail Intelligence is to highlight any differences between the count and the sale of items.

This is included because all mistakes within the stock process must be taken into account to get accurate stock figures as this is required for the automatic ordering and transfers to work correctly.

Real-Time Profitability

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The Real-Time Profitability report is the cross-roads for all the data that we have collected through the other parts of the software. This puts it all together in a format that is very easy to read and to use. We have not skipped ahead to this point as it’s important to understand the process. Once you have a firm grasp of the concept and what goes into producing this system you can cherry pick the parts that are most useful to you.

Promotional Analysis

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Lastly, as an additional aspect of Retail Intelligence, we give you the ability to apply all of this data in a Promotional Analysis report. Each and every time you run a promotion in your system this will give you loss leaders to start with and your most prolific and profitable items to push insuring your sale is a great success.

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All the reports mentioned in the Retail Intelligence section can be generated from the same area. This work-flow gives you full and concise instructions on how to access any of the reports within the software.

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Report Generation Work-Flow


As mentioned as part of the information on the Negative Stock report, these instructions on how to generate an Adjustments Review will give you necessary information as to why some of the stock items appear on the Negative Stock report.

To download a copy of this in PDF format

Adjustments Review Work-Flow